We walk together in the name of Sylvie

We are running with Run To Fight Cancer to be together with many dear people, each one with his or her own thought. We are running with a team of people who all love our dear friend Sylvie.

We have been missing Sylvie for over 2 months now and are grieving a lot.

Sylvie received the terrible diagnosis in 2021, metastatic lung cancer... this was a message that hit very hard... for her, but also for her husband and 3 daughters. Each in their own place in society, busy rebuilding their lives. Sylvie herself was also, more than, in the middle of life. With a job she enjoyed, family and friends she always made time for and a large social network.

If you look up the word "enjoy" in the dictionary, the first thing you come across is Sylvie... Enjoyment with a capital E, that was what she did best. After her diagnosis she was able to do so for 2.5 years. She endured her illness admirably, without complaining, because Sylvie did not want to "sulk" for long, that was not in her vocabulary.

We are walking along for Sylvie but also for all the other people who are facing this terrible disease. This way we can contribute a little bit to raising money for research, because that is much needed.

At her funeral service, therefore, she did not want flowers. Attendees could, if they wished, donate an amount for cancer research. This raised a large amount that will contribute to a world without cancer. We are sure this would have put a smile on her face ...