Run to Fight Cancer 2022

On May 1st Students Fight Cancer organized the second edition of the Run to Fight Cancer. We are proud to announce that together we have collected no less than €38.109,- with this event! 💥

We would like to thank all participants, donors, supporters and volunteers once again for your enthusiasm. Without your contributions, this would not have been possible! 

We hope to welcome you again during our third edition next year!


Curious to see how the Run to Fight Cancer was? Click here for the pictures!

Pictures part 1  &  Pictures part 2


You can still check your running time here:

Find your running times!



* The Run to Fight Cancer is a charity run to raise money for groundbreaking cancer research at maastricht umc+. All participants completed a beautiful 5 or 10 km route passing the Sint Pietersberg. They finished at D'n Hiemel, where we enjoyed music, drinks and food at the third half together.

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Create your fundraising page or join a team with friends, co-workers, your sports team or class mates. Take a look at these inspiring examples.

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Edwin Schoo: Marathon runner and go-getter

15-06-2022 | 10:44 My name is Edwin, 56 years old, married to Mirjam and proud to say we have two beautiful daughters. Last year, in May 2021, our lives suddenly changed after I was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. I was quite an avid runner and ran one full marathon, several half marathons, 10-miles, 10 km and multiple smaller runs per year. I couldn't imagine a life without running. It felt like an escape to clear my head after a busy day of work. In January 2021, my groin started to ache. Strangely enough, the pain did not go away. Via the family doctor, physio, sports doctor and chiropractor I even ended up in the hospital where, after an MRI scan, it was clear that it wasn't just a running injury. The hard conclusion turned out to be that I had bone marrow cancer with a malignant tumor in my upper right leg bone. I had to be irradiated immediately to inhibit/stop the growth of the tumor and prevent spontaneous bone fracture, which automatically meant that I could no longer run, jump, climb stairs and had to use crutches immediately. In total, I have completed 25 radiation treatments and I'm still receiving blood checks every 3 months to keep the cancer under control. The diagnosis was given to me one year ago and the bone is now carefully recovering. And: I have the green light to start dribbling again! However, the cancer will never go away. It remains dormant in my body and could resurface at any time, but with the support of my family, lots of good friends and a healthy dose of optimism, we will fight it.
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La Copa

28-09-2022 | 13:27