About us

Students Fight Cancer is a new concept that was established in 2019 and is part of Kankeronderzoeksfonds Limburg. The Students Fight Cancer board consists of eight Maastricht based students, who are committed to cancer research in addition to their studies. 


Anouk Mommers

Hi! I am Anouk, 22 years old and a third year medicine student. This year I will be the chairwoman of Students Fight Cancer. My function includes keeping the structure within the board and keeping everyone up to date about their tasks.

One in three people in the Netherlands are diagnosed with cancer and almost everyone will have an experience with this horrible disease in one way or another.
Therefore my goal this year will be to collect more money than ever before with the current board, to support the various researches in the MUMC. However, we can not do this without you! Will you help us reach our goals? 🤞🏽



Gerrit Praasterink

Hi my name is Gerrit, I’m a 22-year-old European studies student in my last year of my bachelors. Outside of my studies I wanted an extra challenge, and as a lot of people I’m close to have had cancer, students fight cancer was something I was immediately passionate about. Within our board I fulfill the role of secretary, which means I keep in touch with our sponsors and other interested parties and take notes of our weekly meetings.

Outside of the more serious weekly meetings, we often eat, drink and party together. Students fight cancer is a great way for me to combine fun with something I’m passionate about.


Lisanne Sprik

Hi, my name is Lisanne and this year I started with my master of Biomedical Sciences. I have also done my bachelor’s here in Maastricht. This year I am the treasurer of Students Fight Cancer. As the treasurer, I have to make budgets for the activities we give to students and ensure that the donations go to the cancer research groups.

Being part of the Students Fight Cancer board gives me the chance to contribute to the fight against cancer. Students Fight Cancer also allows me to grow as a person and offers a lot of freedom and creativity. I hope to see you soon at one of our activities!



Luuk Wijnen

Emmie van den Elzen

Hi! We are Emmie and Luuk, and as of the beginning of this academic year, we both fulfill the position of activity managers within the board of Students Fight Cancer 2021-2022. Being activity manager is a challenging and demanding job, that necessitates a healthy dose of creativity and organizing skills. Emmie is currently research assistant at the department of cardiology and the department of laparoscopy, Luuk is a third-year International Business student. The two different expertises ensure a perfect combination. As activity managers, we are in charge of the strategic conceptualization, planning, and management of all Students Fight Cancer events, with the purpose of raising as much money as possible for Health Foundation Limburg. At this moment, we are already preparing the second edition of the ‘Run to Fight Cancer,' as well as other upcoming events. Furthermore, this board year offers us an excellent opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally, within and outside of Maastricht's student community!



Janne de Kort

Imke Gordijn

Hey everyone! We are Imke and Janne. I (Imke) graduated my Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences last year. I (Janne) am a third year Medicine student at Maastricht University. We are both boardmembers of Students Fight Cancer, and together we will fulfill the position of acquisition managers this academic year. This year, our goal is to find partners and acquire donations to raise as much money as possible for the fight against cancer. We are looking forward to being part of the Student Fight Cancer organization and thereby raise money for cancer research in general. Cancer is a disease that affect the lives of those who suffer from cancer as well as their loved ones. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for these people and the research. Do you also join the fight to cancer with us? Will you join us in the fight against cancer? Stay tuned! You can participate in many activities that we will organise this year or donate directly! We will see you there!



Pleun van den Akker
Public Relations

Hey there! My name is Pleun and I’m 21 years old. I recently finished my bachelor in Health Sciences and at the moment I’m having a gap year. During this year I’ll have enough time to do all things I like, which is why I joined the board of Students Fight Cancer! Within the board, I fulfill the role of Public Relations, meaning I’m responsible for the Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and website, and design all promotion material.

I have always been motivated to contribute to the fight against cancer. And being part of this board full of motivated and enthusiastic students, we’ll surely make big steps. But we do need your help! So, will you join us? 🌞